Codycross Transports Group 103 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: An Official Language In Spanish Province Catalonia
Solution: Catalan

Question: Dardel Post Impressionist Painter
Solution: Swedish

Question: Dark Solid Substance Used For Roads Pathways
Solution: Asphalt

Question: Distress Caused By The Mind Fear Of Danger
Solution: Anxiety

Question: Erosion Is The Eating Away Of A Or Area
Solution: Surface

Question: Gloria Miami Sound Machine Cuban Beat
Solution: Estefan

Question: Hurts Causes A Wound
Solution: Injures

Question: It Is Used For Pain And To Prevent Blood Clots
Solution: Aspirin

Question: Prepare Food In Advance
Solution: Precook

Question: Red Green And Yellow Bell
Solution: Peppers

Question: Show Gratitude To A God
Solution: Rejoice

Question: Strolling Vendor With Food Or Souvenirs In Circus
Solution: Butcher

Question: The Monster From Beowulf
Solution: Grendel

Question: To Decline To Vote
Solution: Abstain

Question: Unconventional Dancer Killed By A Scarf Duncan
Solution: Isadora

Question: What The Rotten Apple Does To Its Neighbours
Solution: Injures

Question: Woodwind Players With Double Reeds
Solution: Oboists

Question: Tigers Play At Comerica Park
Solution: Detroit

Question: On 34th Street Movie With Santa Claus
Solution: Miracle

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