Codycross Transports Group 102 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Ancient Greek Famous For His Geometry
Solution: Euclid

Question: Babysitter From A Different Country
Solution: Au pair

Question: Companys Items Of Value Buildings Equipment
Solution: Assets

Question: Damage Of Any Kind To The Body
Solution: Injury

Question: Desperately Sad Or Heartbreaking
Solution: Tragic

Question: Drinks Noisily
Solution: Slurps

Question: Guard On A Car Used To Protect The Front Or Rear
Solution: Bumper

Question: Insect With Large Pincers Found On Many Continents
Solution: Earwig

Question: Label Given To Gritty 90s Seattle Music
Solution: Grunge

Question: Labradoodle Is A Cross Between A Labrador And A
Solution: Poodle

Question: Make Sacred By Applying Oil In A Ceremony
Solution: Anoint

Question: Military Olympics Precursor To Biathlon
Solution: Patrol

Question: NYCs Largest Borough
Solution: Queens

Question: Regardless In Any Case Nonetheless
Solution: Anyway

Question: Residence Of A King Or Queen
Solution: Palace

Question: Spongy Scrubber Used To Clean Your Body
Solution: Loofah

Question: Star System With Two Stars Orbiting Each Other
Solution: Binary

Question: The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And
Solution: Mr hyde

Question: To Perform Mathematical Computations
Solution: Crunch

Question: Underground Passage For Driving
Solution: Tunnel

Question: Yearly Occurring Once A Year Only
Solution: Annual

Question: Woman And Her Golden Lasso
Solution: Wonder

Question: The Great Ruler Famed For Burning Cakes
Solution: Alfred

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