Codycross Transports Group 102 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Ancient Japanese Military Nobility Swordsmen
Solution: Samurai

Question: Antonym Of Static
Solution: Dynamic

Question: Area Not Very High Above The Sea Level
Solution: Lowland

Question: Batten Down The For Severe Weather
Solution: Hatches

Question: Beatles Tune Allow To Remain Unchanged
Solution: Let it be

Question: Constitution Forbids Cruel And Punishment
Solution: Unusual

Question: Copenhagen Is The Capital Of
Solution: Denmark

Question: Creature Which Is Part Lion And Part Eagle
Solution: Griffin

Question: Early Farming Walled City Near The River Jordan
Solution: Jericho

Question: Faye Star Of Chinatown
Solution: Dunaway

Question: Feeling Of Regret Or Guilt
Solution: Remorse

Question: Home On The Range Is A 2004 Disney Comedy
Solution: Western

Question: Index Term Used To Find Information On Internet
Solution: Keyword

Question: Legal Rules Based Upon Precedent
Solution: Case law

Question: Long Legged Lynx Like Cat With Tufted Pointed Ears
Solution: Caracal

Question: Marathon Participants
Solution: Runners

Question: Not Real
Solution: Fantasy

Question: Partisanship
Solution: Bigotry

Question: Place Where Beer Is Made
Solution: Brewery

Question: Portuguese Soccer Club From Lisbon
Solution: Benfica

Question: Spongebobs Best Friend
Solution: Patrick

Question: The Kind Of House That Against Itself Cannot Stand
Solution: Divided

Question: The Peahen Is The Female Counterpart
Solution: Peacock

Question: Walked Down The Aisle
Solution: Married

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