Codycross Transports Group 101 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: A Left Handed Boxer
Solution: Southpaw

Question: A Long Fork Is Used In This Type Of Meat Cooking
Solution: Barbecue

Question: American Actor And Political Activist
Solution: Sean penn

Question: Armchair That Leans Back
Solution: Recliner

Question: Collection Of Foot Soldiers In An Army
Solution: Infantry

Question: Created The First Cell Phone In 1973
Solution: Motorola

Question: Entering A Plane
Solution: Boarding

Question: First Public Performance
Solution: Premiere

Question: German Luxury Brand Of Your Superior
Solution: Hugo boss

Question: Germanys Largest Battleship During WWII
Solution: Bismarck

Question: Hard Long Body Part Between The Foot And Knee
Solution: Shinbone

Question: Having A Very Bad Reputation
Solution: Infamous

Question: Invertebrates Including Snails Slugs And Mussels
Solution: Molluscs

Question: Marine Creature Where The Male Gives Birth
Solution: Seahorse

Question: Moving On The Ground On All Fours Like Babies
Solution: Crawling

Question: Opera About Mimi A Consumptive And Rodolfo
Solution: La boheme

Question: Pass That Allows You To Enter The Plane
Solution: Boarding

Question: Pertaining To The Written Word
Solution: Literary

Question: Rio De Janeiro Tourist Attraction
Solution: Carnival

Question: Santiago Home Stadium Of Real Madrid FC
Solution: Bernabeu

Question: Severe Snowfall
Solution: Blizzard

Question: What To Use To Appease Your Crying Infant
Solution: Pacifier

Question: Watch Captain Commissioned Rembrandt
Solution: The night

Question: Acid More Commonly Known As Vitamin C
Solution: Ascorbic

Question: And Gravy
Solution: Biscuits

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