Codycross Transports Group 101 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: 80 In The German Language
Solution: Achtzig

Question: Country In N Europe By The Baltic Sea
Solution: Estonia

Question: Drawing Intended As Humorous Animated Film
Solution: Cartoon

Question: Eternal Lasting Forever
Solution: Ageless

Question: Flavorless Food That Makes Up Jello
Solution: Gelatin

Question: General Pardon For Political Offenses
Solution: Amnesty

Question: Greek Creature Part Woman And Part Snake
Solution: Echidna

Question: Hanging Piece Of Cloth Used To Cover A Window
Solution: Curtain

Question: Impede Hinder
Solution: Inhibit

Question: In Nature Only The Survive
Solution: Fittest

Question: It Covers A Multitude Of Sins
Solution: Charity

Question: Michael Won An Oscar For Wall Street
Solution: Douglas

Question: Military Troop That Serves On Horses
Solution: Cavalry

Question: Name Of Abraham And Sarahs First Son
Solution: Ishmael

Question: Organ Is The Shut Down Of Essential Organs
Solution: Failure

Question: Partly Based On Talent Beauty Pageant Miss
Solution: America

Question: Small Circular Brown Spot On Fair Skin
Solution: Freckle

Question: To Make Free From Blame Or Guilt Or Consequence
Solution: Absolve

Question: What The Old Are Over
Solution: The hill

Question: Winning Big Prize In Bingo Casino Slot Machine
Solution: Jackpot

Question: Wood Or Ethanol Derived From Biomass
Solution: Biofuel

Question: Turtles Have Tiny Yellow Round Spots
Solution: Spotted

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