Codycross Transports Group 101 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Transports

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Codycross Transports Answers

Question: Acts In A Play
Solution: Performs

Question: Acts In A Theater Play
Solution: Performs

Question: American Weekly Magazine On Current Events
Solution: Newsweek

Question: Cannon With Short Barrel Intended For Siege Warfare
Solution: Howitzer

Question: Cork Plugs Placed In Bottles Necks
Solution: Stoppers

Question: Driving Above The Limit
Solution: Speeding

Question: Fast Car Designed For A Type Of Race
Solution: Dragster

Question: Fear Of In Public Is Glossophobia
Solution: Speaking

Question: Greek Gods And Goddesses Eat This
Solution: Ambrosia

Question: Mark Left By An Animals Foot
Solution: Pawprint

Question: Natalie Leader Of 10000 Maniacs
Solution: Merchant

Question: Publication Containing A Record Of Annual Events
Solution: Yearbook

Question: Roster Timetable
Solution: Schedule

Question: Someone Who Makes It Out Alive
Solution: Survivor

Question: The Person In Charge Of A Gaming Table
Solution: Croupier

Question: Worth A Lot Of Money
Solution: Valuable

Question: Facing Dog Yoga Pose
Solution: Downward

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