Codycross The 90s Group 1138 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers The 90s

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Codycross The 90s Answers

Question: A Store Sign Might Call Clothing This
Solution: Apparel

Question: African Range With Rare Mountain Gorillas
Solution: Virunga

Question: Chemical Compound Used In Insect Repellent
Solution: Camphor

Question: Common Type Of Family Trip In Nature
Solution: Camping

Question: Country Associated With Leprechauns And Banshees
Solution: Ireland

Question: Danish Place Famous For Standing Runestones
Solution: Jelling

Question: Fake Names Especially Used By Spies
Solution: Aliases

Question: Fictional Ninja Mutant Creatures That Are Teenaged
Solution: Turtles

Question: Humanitarian Doctor Group Without These
Solution: Borders

Question: Jules Vernes Novel 20000 Under The Sea
Solution: Leagues

Question: Root Vegetable That Looks Like A White Carrot
Solution: Parsnip

Question: Sickness Illness Restlessness
Solution: Malaise

Question: The Cunning Little Vixens Czech Composer
Solution: Janacek

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