Codycross The 70’s Group 339 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: 1984 Vice Presidential Candidate Geraldine
Solution: Ferraro

Question: Chase And Apprehend
Solution: Capture

Question: Desperately Thirsty Describes The Look Of Deserts
Solution: Parched

Question: Detailed Navigation Entries A Nautical Diary
Solution: Logbook

Question: Dish Shaped Receptacle For Smokers
Solution: Ashtray

Question: Figurines Placed In Ancient Egyptian Tombs
Solution: Ushabti

Question: Glue And Material Fixing A Cover To A Books Pages
Solution: Binding

Question: Hug Hold Envelop
Solution: Embrace

Question: Odious Nasty
Solution: Hateful

Question: Optical Sphere On The Face
Solution: Eyeball

Question: Polydactyl Ones Have More Than Twenty Toes
Solution: Felines

Question: Regal Sounding Term For A Payment To An Author
Solution: Royalty

Question: Sewers Protection
Solution: Thimble

Question: Small Portable Grill
Solution: Hibachi

Question: Trinidads Sung Genre Mixes Comment And Patois
Solution: Calypso

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