Codycross The 70’s Group 333 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: A Fake Eg A Copy Of A Masterpiece
Solution: Forgery

Question: Abdominal Organs
Solution: Viscera

Question: An Overhanging Mass Of Snow Tackled By Climbers
Solution: Cornice

Question: Arrange And Store Documents In Boxes
Solution: Archive

Question: Author Of Lord Of The Flies William
Solution: Golding

Question: Beethovens Opera About A Wife Freeing Her Husband
Solution: Fidelio

Question: Caribbean Nation Of 700 Islands Off Florida Coast
Solution: Bahamas

Question: Circular Glass Lab Containers Drinking Vessels
Solution: Beakers

Question: Country Where Frederick The Great Ruled
Solution: Prussia

Question: Elvis Last Name
Solution: Presley

Question: For Taking A Good Look At Yourself In
Solution: Mirrors

Question: In A Neat Fashion
Solution: Orderly

Question: Long Epic Journey Such As Written About By Homer
Solution: Odyssey

Question: Make Bigger
Solution: Enlarge

Question: Michelangelos Tuscan Birthplace A Type Of Salad
Solution: Caprese

Question: Person On A Long Journey
Solution: Voyager

Question: Person On A Long Journey Traveler
Solution: Voyager

Question: Poisonous Element That Causes Minamata Disease
Solution: Mercury

Question: Roberto Italian Actor In Life Is Beautiful
Solution: Benigni

Question: Scam Artist Swindler
Solution: Hustler

Question: Smooth Round Stones Found On Beaches
Solution: Pebbles

Question: Titan Sea God Son Of Uranus And Gaea
Solution: Oceanus

Question: US Vice President From 1977 To 1981
Solution: Mondale

Question: Vanquish By Force
Solution: Conquer

Question: Where An Apiarists Creatures Live
Solution: Beehive

Question: And Lemons Say The Bells Of St Clements
Solution: Oranges

Question: Ungrateful Eldest Daughter Of King Lear
Solution: Goneril

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