Codycross The 70’s Group 332 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: Acting Without Sound
Solution: Miming

Question: City That Jack The Ripper Targeted
Solution: London

Question: City Where The TV Family The Sopranos Lived
Solution: Newark

Question: Country With The Cities Of Nice Nantes And Nancy
Solution: France

Question: Dorothys Heartless Companion
Solution: Tin man

Question: Greasy White Substance That Covers Newborns
Solution: Vernix

Question: Longing Craving Infatuation
Solution: Desire

Question: Messaged Your God
Solution: Prayed

Question: People Trained In Ancient Japanese Martial Arts
Solution: Ninjas

Question: People Who Are Experts In A Particular Skill
Solution: Ninjas

Question: Portmanteau Term For First Two Meals Of The Day
Solution: Brunch

Question: Protective Sac For Pupa
Solution: Cocoon

Question: Ran Quickly
Solution: Dashed

Question: Traditionalist
Solution: Purist

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