Codycross The 70’s Group 326 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: A Division A Classification
Solution: Category

Question: Authentic Or In Good Faith From The Latin
Solution: Bona fide

Question: Comic Film Starring Michael Jordan And Bugs Bunny
Solution: Space jam

Question: Computers Designed By British Codebreakers In WWII
Solution: Colossus

Question: Country Where The Annual Highland Games Take Place
Solution: Scotland

Question: Glossy And Shiny
Solution: Lustrous

Question: New Boys At US College
Solution: Freshmen

Question: Possessing The Ability To Make Ones Mind Up
Solution: Decisive

Question: Postponement Of A Punishment
Solution: Reprieve

Question: Reduce Drop Eg Prices
Solution: Mark down

Question: Short Elfin Hairstyle
Solution: Pixie cut

Question: Small Tables Between Couches Armchairs
Solution: End table

Question: Surname Of Shakespeares Romeo
Solution: Montague

Question: There Are Four Of These Transit Spaces In Monopoly
Solution: Railroad

Question: Volcanic Polynesian Island A US Base In WW2
Solution: Bora bora

Question: You Cant Train These Stones
Solution: Pet rocks

Question: Index GI Rating For Foods Containing Carbs
Solution: Glycemic

Question: Park Sci Fi Film About A Dinosaur Park
Solution: Jurassic

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