Codycross The 70’s Group 325 Puzzle 4 Answers

Codycross Answers The 70’s

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Codycross The 70’s Answers

Question: Bare Ones Sword
Solution: Unsheathe

Question: Cash That Wasnt Hard To Come By
Solution: Easy money

Question: Celebrity Chef Host Of Throwdown
Solution: Bobbyflay

Question: Common Name For Household Insect Pest
Solution: Cockroach

Question: Extreme Or Obsessive Interest In Setting Fires
Solution: Pyromania

Question: Lavish Ceremonial Display
Solution: Pageantry

Question: Making Less Small Especially Of A Photo
Solution: Enlarging

Question: Natives Of Monrovia For Example
Solution: Liberians

Question: Official Mistress Like In Ancient Chinese Culture
Solution: Concubine

Question: Procession Of Vehicles
Solution: Motorcade

Question: Solid Shapes With Multiple Faces
Solution: Polyhedra

Question: Someone Who Ends Up Taking The Blame For Something
Solution: Scapegoat

Question: Someone Who Is Unfairly Blamed For Something
Solution: Scapegoat

Question: Toweling Wrist Strip To Soak Up Perspiration
Solution: Sweatband

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