Codycross Student Life Group 939 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Actress Theron Of Mad Max And Atomic Blonde
Solution: Charlize

Question: American Word For Shoes Brits Call Trainers
Solution: Sneakers

Question: Busiest Time Of Day For Commuter Travel
Solution: Rush hour

Question: Castle In Which Shakespeares Hamlet Is Set
Solution: Elsinore

Question: Conjured Up Pictures In The Mind
Solution: Imagined

Question: Country With A September Dia Del Amor Y La Amistad
Solution: Colombia

Question: Italian City Home To Michelangelos David
Solution: Florence

Question: People Thought To Have Committed Crimes
Solution: Suspects

Question: Rapper Known For Lollipop Shooter And Mr Carter
Solution: Lil wayne

Question: Seasonal Allergic Reaction To Pollen
Solution: Hay fever

Question: Street Dance Style With Exaggerated Arms And Legs
Solution: Krumping

Question: The Only Mammal That Cant Jump
Solution: Elephant

Question: There Are Four Of Them Air Water Fire And Earth
Solution: Elements

Question: Tube Style Pasta
Solution: Rigatoni

Question: Vast City Park And Music Venue In North East Leeds
Solution: Roundhay

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