Codycross Student Life Group 936 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: 2020 Dance Flick Produced By Alicia Keys
Solution: Work it

Question: A Guiding Signal Usually A Light Or Fire
Solution: Beacon

Question: Country Thats Home To The Faveiro De Wilson Tree
Solution: Brazil

Question: Debit Or This
Solution: Credit

Question: Fake Doctors
Solution: Quacks

Question: Freshwater Cylindrical Polyps
Solution: Hydras

Question: Frozen Precipitation Fell In Flakes
Solution: Snowed

Question: In Fashion Its The L In LBD
Solution: Little

Question: In Geometry A Point Where Two Lines Meet
Solution: Vertex

Question: Protein From Cooked Fermented Soybeans
Solution: Tempeh

Question: Pustulate Decay
Solution: Fester

Question: TV Forensics Expert With A Penchant For Murder
Solution: Dexter

Question: Thick Paste In A Wall Of Bricks
Solution: Cement

Question: Those Who Show Others To Their Seats
Solution: Ushers

Question: Times Spent Keeping Watch Over Graves
Solution: Vigils

Question: Unpredictable Affection Or Loyalty
Solution: Fickle

Question: Where Beachgoers Hide From The Sun
Solution: Cabana

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