Codycross Student Life Group 935 Puzzle 5 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: ANTM Judge And Former Model Dickinson
Solution: Janice

Question: Black Moth With Distinctive Red Spotted Wings
Solution: Burnet

Question: C S Lewis Novel The Of The Dawn Treader
Solution: Voyage

Question: Carve And Shape A Block Of Marble
Solution: Chisel

Question: Feeling Sore
Solution: Aching

Question: First Name Of Bluegrass Singer Krauss
Solution: Alison

Question: Garden Figurines With Pointy Ears
Solution: Gnomes

Question: Hearths In Metalworkers Workshops
Solution: Forges

Question: Isaac The Gravity Formulator
Solution: Newton

Question: Made A Reservation
Solution: Booked

Question: Marko The Hunt For Red October Commander
Solution: Ramius

Question: Metal That Might Be Confused With Gold
Solution: Pyrite

Question: Stumble Over Words Hesitate
Solution: Falter

Question: Victor Champion
Solution: Winner

Question: Video Sharing App With Onomatopoeic Name
Solution: Tiktok

Question: Welsh Rarebit Is This On Toast
Solution: Cheese

Question: What Once Was Called A Job Is Now Called This
Solution: Career

Question: Hoyland Warm Neighbours Character
Solution: Summer

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