Codycross Student Life Group 932 Puzzle 2 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Al Saudi News Agency Covering The Middle East
Solution: Arabiya

Question: Beaters For Xylophones
Solution: Mallets

Question: Container That Holds Vehicle Engine Lubricant
Solution: Oil sump

Question: Depressions In The Ground Caused By Meteorites
Solution: Craters

Question: Elsas Song From The First Frozen Movie
Solution: Let it go

Question: MTV Series About Very Young Parents
Solution: Teen mom

Question: Mountain Lions Pumas
Solution: Cougars

Question: Respected Honoured Esteemed
Solution: Revered

Question: Serving Tables At A Restaurant
Solution: Waiting

Question: Theoretical Particle Faster Than Lightspeed
Solution: Tachyon

Question: Three Leafed Object
Solution: Trefoil

Question: Tolkiens Halflings
Solution: Hobbits

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