Codycross Student Life Group 931 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A Heart Song Named After A Predatory Fish
Solution: Barracuda

Question: Air Filled Ring Inside A Bicycle Wheel
Solution: Inner tube

Question: Bubbly Alcoholic Celebration Drink
Solution: Champagne

Question: Dark Empty Place In Outer Space That Pulls
Solution: Black hole

Question: Day Of The Week Named After The Norse God Odin
Solution: Wednesday

Question: Dolly Parton Was Born In This State
Solution: Tennessee

Question: Period Of Japanese History From 1336 To 1573
Solution: Muromachi

Question: Rental Property With Tables Beds Etc Supplied
Solution: Furnished

Question: Rotating Measuring Device Associated With Foucault
Solution: Gyroscope

Question: The Flirty Dancer In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
Solution: Esmeralda

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