Codycross Student Life Group 930 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Absorbent Kitchen Pad For Cleaning Up Spills
Solution: Sponge

Question: Conclude With Reasoning
Solution: Deduce

Question: Feared In Blue Oyster Cults Ode To Thanatophobia
Solution: Reaper

Question: Greek Goddess Of Darkness And Of Crossroads
Solution: Hecate

Question: Her Real Name Is Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar
Solution: Cardi b

Question: Imagery Adopted From Comic Books Entertainment
Solution: Pop art

Question: Inclined Chutes Found In Parks And Playgrounds
Solution: Slides

Question: Indian Kings
Solution: Rajahs

Question: Nickname For Australian Soldier
Solution: Digger

Question: Racket Sport Played Against A Wall
Solution: Squash

Question: Reading Out A Proverb
Solution: Saying

Question: Small Crustacean Served Cocktail Style
Solution: Shrimp

Question: Soft Velvety Material Used For Clothing
Solution: Velour

Question: Solderless Electrical Connections
Solution: Crimps

Question: The Animal That Represents Easter
Solution: Rabbit

Question: The Bone Below The Sacrum The Tailbone
Solution: Coccyx

Question: Venetian Historical Jewish Quarter Of Venice
Solution: Ghetto

Question: What Checks Do When Funds Run Out
Solution: Bounce

Question: Yogi Bears Sidekick
Solution: Boo boo

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