Codycross Student Life Group 928 Puzzle 3 Answers

Codycross Answers Student Life

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: A SpaceX Rocket Or A Bird Of Prey
Solution: Falcon

Question: Add To A Written Document
Solution: Append

Question: Aintree Racehorse Son Of Quorum And Mared
Solution: Red rum

Question: Batmans Home City
Solution: Gotham

Question: Become Preoccupied With Focus On Tiny Details
Solution: Obsess

Question: David Tennant Matt Smith Or Peter Capaldi
Solution: Doctor

Question: Fruit Juice That Makes A Bloody Mary Red
Solution: Tomato

Question: Italian Actress Loren Star Of Two Women
Solution: Sophia

Question: Kansas City Named In Brown Vs Board Of Education
Solution: Topeka

Question: Manservant Lackey
Solution: Flunky

Question: Mixed Language Or Louisiana Folk Music
Solution: Creole

Question: Musical Based On A Charles Dickens Book
Solution: Oliver

Question: Prince Harry Is The Duke Of This English County
Solution: Sussex

Question: Riga Is The Capital Of This European Country
Solution: Latvia

Question: Sewing Machine Spool
Solution: Bobbin

Question: Wireless Internet Device That Directs Traffic
Solution: Router

Question: Thrillers Fave Books Of Catherine Morland
Solution: Gothic

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