Codycross Student Life Group 926 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Actor Who Played Leland Stottlemeyer In Monk
Solution: Ted levine

Question: Canadian Divisions Eg Nova Scotia And Alberta
Solution: Provinces

Question: Devils On Prunes Wrapped In Bacon Then Baked
Solution: Horseback

Question: Edward VIII Gregory XII Or Emperor Diocletian
Solution: Abdicator

Question: Emmas Surname In Jane Austens 1815 Novel
Solution: Woodhouse

Question: Largest Animal On Earth
Solution: Blue whale

Question: Made By Lying On White Stuff And Moving Limbs
Solution: Snow angel

Question: She Starred In Ghost And GI Jane
Solution: Demi moore

Question: Traditional Clacking Instrument Of Spain
Solution: Castanets

Question: What You Get At School And College
Solution: Education

Question: Oaks Conference That Led To Founding Of The UN
Solution: Dumbarton

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