Codycross Student Life Group 924 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: 2005 Spielberg Drama About Operation Wrath Of God
Solution: Munich

Question: A Raised Platform From Where Sermons Are Delivered
Solution: Pulpit

Question: Actress Rosemary Clooneys Actor Nephew
Solution: George

Question: Canadian Born Wife Of Peter Phillips
Solution: Autumn

Question: Common Element Helps Determine Age Of Objects
Solution: Carbon

Question: Four Wafer Fingers In Chocolate
Solution: Kit kat

Question: Juan Manuel Argentine F1 Master
Solution: Fangio

Question: Name Of The Central Family In Peaky Blinders
Solution: Shelby

Question: Pakistan Premier From 1993 96 Benazir
Solution: Bhutto

Question: Religious Friend Who Objects To War
Solution: Quaker

Question: Shade Of Sunflowers Early Coldplay Hit
Solution: Yellow

Question: Small Single Masted Sailboats
Solution: Sloops

Question: Suck Liquid From As Gasoline
Solution: Siphon

Question: Terrifying Scar Faced Horror Film Doll
Solution: Chucky

Question: Westminster And Downton
Solution: Abbeys

Question: Wolverine Is One
Solution: Mutant

Question: Shame A Disappointing Scenario
Solution: Crying

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