Codycross Student Life Group 922 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Another Name For Vitamin B 9
Solution: Folate

Question: Black And White Bird Of Prey Known To Hunt Fish
Solution: Osprey

Question: Celestial Objects Evocative Of A Reindeer Name
Solution: Comets

Question: Connected With A Flexible Joint
Solution: Hinged

Question: Former Chief Resident Miranda On Greys Anatomy
Solution: Bailey

Question: Invited Visitors
Solution: Guests

Question: Mississippi Birthplace Of Elvis Presley
Solution: Tupelo

Question: Paper Thin Bread From The Middle East
Solution: Lavash

Question: Tiny Settlement Without Its Own Church
Solution: Hamlet

Question: To Take Off As A Rocket
Solution: Launch

Question: Water Spirit With Horse Hooves From Celtic Lore
Solution: Kelpie

Question: What The First S Stood For In USSR
Solution: Soviet

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