Codycross Student Life Group 922 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Student Life Answers

Question: Afflicted With Chronic Joint Inflammation
Solution: Arthritic

Question: Arctic Island Said To Be The Worlds Largest
Solution: Greenland

Question: Cats With Pale Bodies And Dark Faces Tails Paws
Solution: Sealpoint

Question: Comic Book Hero Who Fights The Green Goblin
Solution: Spider man

Question: He Sang Goodbye Yellow Brick Road And Rocket Man
Solution: Elton john

Question: Last Inca Emperor Before The Spanish Conquest
Solution: Atahualpa

Question: Name Of The World In Both Fallout And Epic Mickey
Solution: Wasteland

Question: Rating Method Of The Hardness Of Materials
Solution: Mohs scale

Question: Think Fondly About An Events Details
Solution: Reminisce

Question: Vessels To Let Wine Air Out
Solution: Decanters

Question: What We Had Before GoPro
Solution: Camcorder

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