Codycross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Bank Is A Large Elevated Area Of
Solution: Sea floor

Question: Adults Tell Children To Never Run Holding These
Solution: Scissors

Question: Flat Nautical Representation Of The Oceans
Solution: Sea chart

Question: Knitted Garment That Has An Open Front
Solution: Cardigan

Question: Large Hill Of Sand Made By Wind Flows
Solution: Sand dune

Question: Midnights By Salman Rushdie
Solution: Children

Question: Quarter Of An Area Usually Land Area
Solution: Quadrant

Question: Texas Northern Neighbor Broadway Staple
Solution: Oklahoma

Question: This Candy Brand Asks You To Taste The Rainbow
Solution: Skittles

Question: To Enter A Horse In A Race
Solution: Nominate

Question: Trekkies Are People Who Love
Solution: Star trek

Question: Your Mother Told You To Never Run Holding This
Solution: Scissors

Question: Culkin Home Alone Star Jackson Friend
Solution: Macaulay

Question: In Paris A Film By Woody Allen
Solution: Midnight

Question: Island Board Game With Marbles As Lava
Solution: Fireball

Question: Are Insects Considered Good Luck In Asia
Solution: Crickets

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