Codycross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Additive Ractopamine Is Illegal In This Country
Solution: Russia

Question: Arcade Game Sequel To 1979s Galaxian
Solution: Galaga

Question: Batman Is A Series Of Video Games
Solution: Arkham

Question: Blackway And Bourne Film Series Star Julia
Solution: Stiles

Question: Capital Of Kazakhstan
Solution: Astana

Question: Cavity Hole
Solution: Hollow

Question: Curved Knife Used By Sikhs
Solution: Kirpan

Question: Evil And Mischievious Dwarf Like Daemon
Solution: Goblin

Question: Follower Of Islam
Solution: Muslim

Question: Former Name Of The Capital Of Kazakhstan
Solution: Astana

Question: Hairstyle Business In Front Party At The Back
Solution: Mullet

Question: Horse A Sport Or Means Of Transportation
Solution: Riding

Question: Ideal And Perfect State Authored By Thomas More
Solution: Utopia

Question: Official Name To Hop Step And Jump
Solution: Triple

Question: Plan Or Outline To Be Done
Solution: Agenda

Question: Play By Tennessee Williams Night Of The
Solution: Iguana

Question: Polish Pastry Eaten On Fat Tuesday In US
Solution: Paczki

Question: Sister Of Moses And Aaron Regarded As A Prophet
Solution: Miriam

Question: Wild Dog Known For Its Laugh Not Hyena
Solution: Jackal

Question: You Cannot Do This With Your Eyes Open
Solution: Sneeze

Question: You Might Do This If Youre Allergic To Pollen
Solution: Sneeze

Question: Bob SquarePants Most Popular Nickelodeon Toon
Solution: Sponge

Question: Spielbergs ET The Extra Terrestrial
Solution: Steven

Question: Tray Metal Ovenware
Solution: Baking

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