Codycross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1980 American Horror Film The 13th
Solution: Friday

Question: Again Once More
Solution: Encore

Question: An Ancient Persian King
Solution: Xerxes

Question: Black Snake Eel Usually Bury Themselves
Solution: Finned

Question: Caterpillars Are Of Butterflies
Solution: Larvae

Question: Elton John Song Goodbye Brick Road
Solution: Yellow

Question: Followed The Rules
Solution: Obeyed

Question: John Lennons Son Whom Hey Jude Was Written For
Solution: Julian

Question: Little Red Hood A French Fairy Tale
Solution: Riding

Question: Long Walks Through The Woods On A Trail
Solution: Hiking

Question: Most Probable Outcome Certainty Probably
Solution: Likely

Question: Natives Of This Principality Cannot Gamble There
Solution: Monaco

Question: Person Who Takes Care Of The Bats In Baseball
Solution: Batboy

Question: Someone Who Has Bad Luck
Solution: Jinxed

Question: Sudden Startling Brusque
Solution: Abrupt

Question: The Wizard At King Arthurs Court
Solution: Merlin

Question: The Connection Winner Of The 44th Academy Awards
Solution: French

Question: Writing Stick Not Much In Use Anymore
Solution: Pencil

Question: Capote Would Never Begin End Work On Friday
Solution: Truman

Question: Hugo French Novelist Whose Work Is Set In Paris
Solution: Victor

Question: Joy Coconut Chocolate Covered Candy Bar
Solution: Almond

Question: Panda 3 2016 Movie
Solution: Kung fu

Question: Cat Has A Rounded Face And Folded Ears
Solution: Foldex

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