Codycross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Way To Greet Someone
Solution: Welcome

Question: An Answering Holds Phone Messages
Solution: Machine

Question: Band Member Who Plays Percussion Instruments
Solution: Drummer

Question: In Art A Color Not Warm Or Cool
Solution: Neutral

Question: Juno Satellite Reached This Planet In 2016
Solution: Jupiter

Question: Main Body Of Riders In A Bicycle Race
Solution: Peloton

Question: Place To Discard Cigarette Residues
Solution: Ashtray

Question: Plural Form Of Amoeba
Solution: Amoebae

Question: Portuguese Resort And F1 Race Track
Solution: Estoril

Question: Protein Found In Skin And Hair
Solution: Keratin

Question: Proverbially An Army Marches On Its
Solution: Stomach

Question: Small Container To Discard Cigarette Residue
Solution: Ashtray

Question: Someone Who Plays The Drums
Solution: Drummer

Question: To Deviate From Normal Path Go Another Way
Solution: Diverge

Question: To Endure Something Like A Surgery
Solution: Undergo

Question: To Extract Or Emit Under Pressure
Solution: Squeeze

Question: What An Army Marches On
Solution: Stomach

Question: Getty She Played Sophia In The Golden Girls
Solution: Estelle

Question: Moore Controversial Liberal Movie Maker
Solution: Michael

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