Codycross Sports Group 160 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Another Term For Safe Room
Solution: Panic room

Question: Belittle Degrade
Solution: Disparage

Question: Bow Shaped Lake Formed In A Channel Of A River
Solution: Oxbow lake

Question: By Individual
Solution: Per capita

Question: Evergreen Plant People Kiss Underneath It
Solution: Mistletoe

Question: Fried Battered Allium Makes You Cry
Solution: Onion ring

Question: German City Financial Hub
Solution: Frankfurt

Question: Green Grossular Stone From Kenya
Solution: Tsavorite

Question: Independently Owned Business Branch
Solution: Franchise

Question: Inflammation Of The Kidneys
Solution: Nephritis

Question: Institution In Bern Produces Switzerlands Coins
Solution: Swissmint

Question: Jamaican Sprinter Broke 100 M Record In 2009
Solution: Usain bolt

Question: Japanese Electronics Brand Of TVs Lumix Cameras
Solution: Panasonic

Question: Lincoln Is A Luxurious SUV
Solution: Navigator

Question: Network Of Vessels Vital To The Immune System
Solution: Lymphatic

Question: Of Someone Fluent In Two Languages
Solution: Bilingual

Question: Olympic Team Sport Played In A Pool
Solution: Water polo

Question: Period Of Supervision Of A Convict Out Of Jail
Solution: Probation

Question: Played With Rackets And Shuttlecocks
Solution: Badminton

Question: Puzzle With Letters And Black Squares
Solution: Crossword

Question: Savory Fried Vegetable Appetizer Makes You Cry
Solution: Onion ring

Question: Slang For An Influential Or Important Person
Solution: Big cheese

Question: Someone Who Speaks Two Languages
Solution: Bilingual

Question: State Of Satisfaction And Contentment
Solution: Happiness

Question: TV Show About The Working Class Gallagher Family
Solution: Shameless

Question: The Incredible Man A Sci Fi About Radiation
Solution: Shrinking

Question: The Bosss Helper
Solution: Assistant

Question: The Common Is Also Known As Common Stingray
Solution: Stingaree

Question: This Kind Of Disease Requires Remedies Alike
Solution: Desperate

Question: To Improve The Appearance Of An Area Of Land
Solution: Landscape

Question: Word Recently Coined
Solution: Neologism

Question: Heights Inequivocal Gothic Novel
Solution: Wuthering

Question: Versace Italian Fashion Designer Female
Solution: Donatella

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