Codycross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Advertising Billboard
Solution: Poster

Question: Animal Restraints
Solution: Tether

Question: Boa Constrictor Or Red Boa Is A Common Pet
Solution: Tailed

Question: Cali Brand Makes Sunglasses Other Sporting Goods
Solution: Oakley

Question: Christ Coming Into The World
Solution: Advent

Question: Civil War Hero Little Bighorn Loser
Solution: Custer

Question: Close Neighboring Not Far Away
Solution: Nearby

Question: Close Not Far Away
Solution: Nearby

Question: Donna Murphy Plays Mother In Tangled
Solution: Gothel

Question: Fractured Not Whole
Solution: Broken

Question: French For A Peeping Tom
Solution: Voyeur

Question: McDonalds Classic With Its Own Song
Solution: Big mac

Question: Not Quite All Almost All
Solution: Nearly

Question: Optimistic Positive Buoyant
Solution: Upbeat

Question: Outline Plan For A Meeting To Be Voted On
Solution: Agenda

Question: Rain Cover Over A Shop Front
Solution: Awning

Question: Red Breasted Birds Associated With Spring
Solution: Robins

Question: Relating To The Whole World Universal
Solution: Global

Question: Say And Thank You Nice Manners
Solution: Please

Question: Slang Term For Habitual Weed Smoker
Solution: Stoner

Question: Small Stream Of Water From The Earth
Solution: Spring

Question: Spanish Royal City Home To Famous Soccer Clubs
Solution: Madrid

Question: Spiky Like A Rose Stem
Solution: Thorny

Question: Stunted Ear Of Indian Corn
Solution: Nubbin

Question: The Secret TV Show About A City Full Of Witches
Solution: Circle

Question: The Brothers Or Brothers In Law Of Your Parents
Solution: Uncles

Question: Thomas Wrote The Witch Of Edmonton
Solution: Dekker

Question: Tupac Aka 2Pac West Coast Rapper Gunned Down
Solution: Shakur

Question: Type Of Snake Loud Noise
Solution: Rattle

Question: Used To Hold Your Clothes
Solution: Hanger

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