Codycross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 41st State To Enter The Union In The US
Solution: Montana

Question: An Island Republic Which Used To Belong To Denmark
Solution: Iceland

Question: Disobedient Or Mischievous
Solution: Naughty

Question: Hs On The Periodic Table
Solution: Hassium

Question: Invasions Raids
Solution: Attacks

Question: Irans 2nd Largest City Imam Reza Tomb
Solution: Mashhad

Question: Item Used To Build Protective Walls Or Trenches
Solution: Sand bag

Question: Leonardo Painted The Vitruvian Man
Solution: Da vinci

Question: Person Whom Police Believe Committed A Crime
Solution: Suspect

Question: Sleeps Upside Down And Plays Dead
Solution: Opossum

Question: Slightly Hard Natural Cheese Sometimes Sharp
Solution: Cheddar

Question: The Vitruvian Man Was Drawn By Him
Solution: Da vinci

Question: The Fragrance Of Wine Or A Liqueur
Solution: Bouquet

Question: To Smoke Like A Chimney To Swear Like A
Solution: Trooper

Question: White Pill Used For Headaches Blood Thinner
Solution: Aspirin

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