Codycross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Buss A Kiss
Solution: Smooch

Question: As Much As Eight Gallons
Solution: Bushel

Question: Bram The Original Vampire Author
Solution: Stoker

Question: Brothers Alan Donny Jay Jimmy Merrill Wayne
Solution: Osmond

Question: Chinese Zodiac Sign For Births In 1964 1976 1988
Solution: Dragon

Question: Eat These Between Meals
Solution: Snacks

Question: Field And Outdoors Magazine
Solution: Stream

Question: Gyalwang Reincarnated Buddhist Master
Solution: Drukpa

Question: Identical Reproductions
Solution: Clones

Question: Japanese Casual Clothing Store
Solution: Uniqlo

Question: Open Place With Buyers And Sellers Of Goods
Solution: Market

Question: Pale Surgeonfish Has Sharp Scalpel Tail
Solution: Lipped

Question: Political Campaign About The UK Leaving The EU
Solution: Brexit

Question: Shelf Item Taking Too Long To Sell
Solution: Warmer

Question: Skilled Shooter Concealed From The Enemy
Solution: Sniper

Question: Son Named After His Father Not Senior
Solution: Junior

Question: Surname Of Mama Cass Of The Mamas The Papas
Solution: Elliot

Question: The Lion King 1994 Animated Film
Solution: Disney

Question: The Ecclesiastical Unit Committed To One Pastor
Solution: Parish

Question: Vivid Long Haired Beings Attached To Pencils
Solution: Trolls

Question: WWI Battle Also Known As The Race To The Sea
Solution: Albert

Question: No Man Is An
Solution: Island

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