Codycross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: All November 2nd
Solution: Souls day

Question: Ancient Lingua Franca Of Greater India
Solution: Sanskrit

Question: Area On Each Side Of The Body Holds Arms In Place
Solution: Shoulder

Question: Army Toilets
Solution: Latrines

Question: Balloonfish Or Puff Up When Threatened
Solution: Blowfish

Question: Bigeye Trevally Are Found In All Waters
Solution: Tropical

Question: Come Out Not So Subtle Boxing Idiom
Solution: Swinging

Question: Dorn Is A Fantasy Board Game From Altar
Solution: Tactical

Question: Fast Car Designed For A Type Of Race
Solution: Dragster

Question: Founded The Countrys First Fire Department
Solution: Franklin

Question: Heal MJ Song About Saving The Planet
Solution: The world

Question: Itchy And Simpsons Cartoon
Solution: Scratchy

Question: Little Miss Feel Good 2006 Hit Movie
Solution: Sunshine

Question: Pale Round Seed Aka Garbanzo Beans
Solution: Chickpea

Question: Policemen Or Armed Forces Commanders For Example
Solution: Officers

Question: Power Tool Used For Cutting Trees
Solution: Chainsaw

Question: Relationship By Marriage Kinship
Solution: Affinity

Question: To Keep Going With Something
Solution: Continue

Question: US Independent Film Festival Held In Utah
Solution: Sundance

Question: What The Pasteurization Process Kills
Solution: Microbes

Question: Dad Adult Cartoon Led By CIA Agent
Solution: American

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