Codycross Sports Group 159 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Case For Arrows
Solution: Quiver

Question: Des Hawkeye Capital Named After French Fort
Solution: Moines

Question: Female Warrior From Greek Mythology
Solution: Amazon

Question: Five Of Grief Aka Kubler Ross Model
Solution: Stages

Question: Initially Conceived As A Martial Art
Solution: Tai chi

Question: Keyboard Key Activated With Num Lock And 9
Solution: Page up

Question: Large Beings In Norse Mythology Who Live Near Rocks
Solution: Trolls

Question: Music Made Using Cutlery Aka Playing The Bones
Solution: Spoons

Question: Not Real Outward Appearance A Building Face
Solution: Facade

Question: Of The USSR
Solution: Soviet

Question: Physical Exertion Mental Process Attempt
Solution: Effort

Question: Sell Something Illegal
Solution: Peddle

Question: Small Large
Solution: Medium

Question: Standing Up Hold In Grappling No Punches
Solution: Clinch

Question: TV Show About The Detective Jim Gordon
Solution: Gotham

Question: Term For A Young Swan
Solution: Cygnet

Question: The Years Late 80s Opened By Joe Cocker
Solution: Wonder

Question: The Long Spider Crab Is Very Ornate
Solution: Legged

Question: Youre You Probably Think This Is About You
Solution: So vain

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