Codycross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: French Fries Come From This Low Country
Solution: Belgium

Question: 14th State To Enter The Union In The US
Solution: Vermont

Question: A Night Street In New Orleans And A Drinks Name
Solution: Bourbon

Question: Anoxia Is The Of Oxygen In The Body
Solution: Absence

Question: Foul Smelling Reeking
Solution: Noisome

Question: French Inspired Olympic Sport Requires A Mask
Solution: Fencing

Question: Greys Part Medical Drama Part Soap Opera
Solution: Anatomy

Question: Milk Historically Used To Treat Liver Diseases
Solution: Thistle

Question: Mount Is Home To Greek Gods
Solution: Olympus

Question: Roger Swiss Tennis Player
Solution: Federer

Question: Seats On Horses Or Bicycles
Solution: Saddles

Question: Sent Out Heat Light Sound Liquid Discharged
Solution: Emitted

Question: Sighthound Skinny Running Dog
Solution: Whippet

Question: Sleeping And Living Out In Nature
Solution: Camping

Question: Stringed Instrument From The Renaissance
Solution: Cittern

Question: Yellowy Quartz From The French For Lemon
Solution: Citrine

Question: Lagoon Disneys Giant Florida Waterpark
Solution: Typhoon

Question: Paltrow American Actress And Oscar Winner
Solution: Gwyneth

Question: Grunt Or Dogfish Live In Schools On Reefs
Solution: Bastard

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