Codycross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Set Of Teams That Plays Against Each Other
Solution: League

Question: Blossoms
Solution: Blooms

Question: Every Time
Solution: Always

Question: Fruit Associated With The State Of Washington
Solution: Apples

Question: Glenn Big Band Leader Went MIA In WWII
Solution: Miller

Question: Liquid In Zero Gravity Will Always Form A
Solution: Sphere

Question: Material Inside Bone Often Donated
Solution: Marrow

Question: Not Stiff Or Rigid A Type Of Computer Disk
Solution: Floppy

Question: Single Person On A Sports Team
Solution: Player

Question: The Kings Oscar Winner Stuttering Film
Solution: Speech

Question: The Film Vs Won 5 Academy Awards In 1980
Solution: Kramer

Question: The Name Of These Falls In Tupi Means Big Water
Solution: Iguazu

Question: To Put Money Into Something For A Profit
Solution: Invest

Question: Of SHIELD Comic Book TV Drama Series
Solution: Agents

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