Codycross Sports Group 158 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Cylindrical Container For Holding Ice Cubes
Solution: Ice bucket

Question: A Second Year College Student
Solution: Sophomore

Question: Able To Be Thrown Out Or Forced Out
Solution: Ejectable

Question: Achieving A Mean Or Median Number
Solution: Averaging

Question: Artwork Made By Cutting Grooves Into A Surface
Solution: Engraving

Question: Baby Bird That Is Ready To Leave The Nest
Solution: Fledgling

Question: Censorship Of A Text For Legal Or Security Reasons
Solution: Redaction

Question: Chemical Element Of Atomic Number 46
Solution: Palladium

Question: Editing A Text So It Can Be Published
Solution: Redaction

Question: Fruit Preserved In Sugar
Solution: Sweetmeat

Question: Government Representatives Abroad In Embassies
Solution: Diplomats

Question: Hey Look Over There
Solution: Diversion

Question: La Spanish Folk Song With Catchy Beat
Solution: Cucaracha

Question: Medic Emergency Vehicle
Solution: Ambulance

Question: Nickname Of US Army Troops In WWI
Solution: Doughboys

Question: Rime Ice Crystals
Solution: Hoarfrost

Question: Sack Worn On One Shoulder Goes Across Chest
Solution: Messenger

Question: Sneaky Photographers
Solution: Paparazzi

Question: Supplement Helpful For Gut Health
Solution: Probiotic

Question: Swedish Tennis Maestro Of The 1970s And 1980s
Solution: Bjorn borg

Question: The The Original Reality Show 90s MTV Staple
Solution: Real world

Question: The Shrew Tamed By Petruchio In Shakespeares Play
Solution: Katherina

Question: What Seeing Is
Solution: Believing

Question: Of Horror Simpsons Halloween Special
Solution: Treehouse

Question: The Sun Little Darling
Solution: Here comes

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