Codycross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Bram Creator Of Gothic Count
Solution: Stoker

Question: Bright Color Made With Yellow And Red
Solution: Orange

Question: Canoe Speed Racing On Calm Water
Solution: Sprint

Question: Contrary Instead Of One Over The Other
Solution: Rather

Question: Fish Used For Fishing Bait
Solution: Minnow

Question: Isis Wife Of Goddess Of Marriage And Wisdom
Solution: Osiris

Question: Option To Decide What You Want
Solution: Choice

Question: Place Of Shelter And Protection
Solution: Asylum

Question: Professional Who Takes Clients In Cars Or Limousines
Solution: Driver

Question: Resourceful Full Of Expedients
Solution: Shifty

Question: To Hit Forcibly
Solution: Strike

Question: Upturnings Of The Lips When Happy
Solution: Smiles

Question: What You Hit When You Want To Sleep Longer
Solution: Snooze

Question: Where You Go To The Bathroom
Solution: Toilet

Question: Room People Have To Solve Puzzles To Break Out
Solution: Escape

Question: Wake You Up Better In The Morning Than Caffeine
Solution: Apples

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