Codycross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Mouth Of Car Allows Air Into Engine Area
Solution: Grille

Question: Albertas Museum Dedicated To These Local Rodents
Solution: Gopher

Question: Another Term For Soul Or Ghost
Solution: Spirit

Question: Any Girl Or Woman
Solution: Sheila

Question: Arrived Plane
Solution: Landed

Question: Australian Term For Any Girl Or Woman
Solution: Sheila

Question: Boat Made By Hollowing Out A Log Also In Baseball
Solution: Dugout

Question: Car Can Involve All Types Of Cars
Solution: Racing

Question: Farmyard Animal That Brays
Solution: Donkey

Question: Metal Yellow Brick Road Walker
Solution: Tin man

Question: Middle Eastern Drupe Teardrop Nut
Solution: Almond

Question: Occurring In A Repeating Pattern Or Sequence
Solution: Cyclic

Question: Of Or Having To Do With Wales Or Welsh Culture
Solution: Cymric

Question: Punctuation To Stress Certain Letters
Solution: Accent

Question: Temporary Storage For Holding Data Until Ready
Solution: Buffer

Question: When Pupils Become Larger Receive More Light
Solution: Dilate

Question: Earhart Famous Female Aviator
Solution: Amelia

Question: Schwarzenegger Actor Politician
Solution: Arnold

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