Codycross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Group Of People Coming Together
Solution: Assembly

Question: Ancient Art Of War Is The First Real Time Game
Solution: Strategy

Question: Asian Island Was British Colony On 99 Year Lease
Solution: Hong kong

Question: Beautiful Woman Consciousness Stealing Punch
Solution: Knockout

Question: British Show Featuring Relationships Of 3 Couples
Solution: Cold feet

Question: Donna On Beverly Hills 90210 Actress Tori
Solution: Spelling

Question: Leonardo Won An Oscar For The Revenant
Solution: Dicaprio

Question: Liza Daughter Of Judy Garland
Solution: Minnelli

Question: Makes Better
Solution: Improves

Question: More Cases Of A Disease Than Expected
Solution: Epidemic

Question: Nerves Before A Big Event Like A Wedding
Solution: Cold feet

Question: Netflix Prison Drama Orange Is The
Solution: New black

Question: Someone On Your Team Usually Sports
Solution: Teammate

Question: Swiss Medium Hard Yellow Cheese With Large Holes
Solution: Emmental

Question: The Capital Of Faroe Islands
Solution: Torshavn

Question: The Opening Of A Camera That Adjusts Its Size
Solution: Aperture

Question: Upwords Is A Variation Of With Stacking Letters
Solution: Scrabble

Question: Vitamin C Is This Acid
Solution: Ascorbic

Question: Bishop A Smelly Cheese By Name And Nature
Solution: Stinking

Question: Smooth Ballroom Style
Solution: American

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