Codycross Sports Group 157 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Bill Is An Advertising For The Circus
Solution: Poster

Question: An Object Without A Lot Of Detail Or Ornate Colors
Solution: Simple

Question: Computer Key Allows You To Switch Between Modes
Solution: Insert

Question: Devices Used To Stop A Car
Solution: Brakes

Question: Hebrew Word For Passover
Solution: Pesach

Question: Involve Engross Occupy The Efforts Of
Solution: Engage

Question: Olympic Gold Medalist Michael
Solution: Phelps

Question: Separate Viewing Spot On A Computer Screen
Solution: Window

Question: The Lady In 6 Music Saved My Life A Film
Solution: Number

Question: These Seeds Are Used On Hamburger Buns
Solution: Sesame

Question: To Actively Not Notice Someone Or Something
Solution: Ignore

Question: Cash Famously Entertained Inmates
Solution: Johnny

Question: Illustrated Magazine Known For Swimsuit Issue
Solution: Sports

Question: Rider Hasselhoff Series Before Baywatch
Solution: Knight

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