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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Daughter Of Zeus And Leto Apollos Twin Sister
Solution: Artemis

Question: Item From The Past Not Modern
Solution: Antique

Question: Legally Taken And Raised By Other Parents
Solution: Adopted

Question: Liquid Used As A Nail Polish Remover
Solution: Acetone

Question: People Who Go People Who Dont Remain
Solution: Leavers

Question: Physical Elements Of Writing Such As Metaphors
Solution: Texture

Question: Sandford Engineer Inventor Of Standard Time
Solution: Fleming

Question: Someone Torn By An Inner Conflict
Solution: Agonist

Question: Something Made From Clay And Fired In A Kiln
Solution: Ceramic

Question: The Capital Of Washington
Solution: Olympia

Question: The Most Famous Wrestler Actor In The World
Solution: The rock

Question: The Official Controlling A Sports Match
Solution: Referee

Question: Top Of A Convertible That Is Rigid Not Soft
Solution: Hardtop

Question: Wipe This Part Of Computer Clean For Privacy
Solution: History

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