Codycross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Animal Kids Zoological Sweet Treat
Solution: Cracker

Question: Competitive Sport Of Riding A Bike
Solution: Cycling

Question: Digital Music Service Fought With Taylor Swift
Solution: Spotify

Question: Gemstone Facet Also Called An Emerald Cut
Solution: Step cut

Question: John Former American Tennis Player
Solution: Mcenroe

Question: Life Line For Your Smartphone
Solution: Charger

Question: Marvel Comic Writer Known For Movie Cameos
Solution: Stanlee

Question: Olympic Sport Involving Light Spear
Solution: Javelin

Question: Place To Fly From
Solution: Airport

Question: Sons Of Hamlet On A Motorcycle Club On TV
Solution: Anarchy

Question: They Say It Never Sleeps
Solution: New york

Question: Widely Popular Headache Pain Medicine Brand
Solution: Tylenol

Question: Cave Formed Within Large Ice Formation
Solution: Glacier

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