Codycross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Spinning Cylinder
Solution: Whirlwind

Question: A Wine Lover
Solution: Oenophile

Question: Addition Or Change To A Law Or Bill
Solution: Amendment

Question: An Image With Urban Scenery As Its Primary Focus
Solution: City scape

Question: Childrens Song Title Three Jolly
Solution: Fishermen

Question: Former Swimmer And Nine Time Olympic Champion
Solution: Mark spitz

Question: He Danced With Jerry Mouse In Anchors Aweigh
Solution: Gene kelly

Question: Jamaican Who Runs As Fast As Lightning
Solution: Usain bolt

Question: Mechanical Marvel Used To Cut Yards
Solution: Lawnmower

Question: Side Dish From Southern States Made With Maize
Solution: Cornbread

Question: Small China Figure For The Mantelpiece
Solution: Figurines

Question: Strangers Non Locals
Solution: Outsiders

Question: Stunned Taken Aback
Solution: Astounded

Question: Vanish From Sight
Solution: Disappear

Question: Islands Darwins Evolution Theory
Solution: Galapagos

Question: Is Han Solos Friend And Sidekick In Star Wars
Solution: Chewbacca

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