Codycross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 76 Led The Big Parade
Solution: Trombones

Question: A Person Depicted In A Novel Or A Play
Solution: Character

Question: Ancient Greek Wrestling School
Solution: Palaestra

Question: Animal With No Bones And Long Tentacles It Stings
Solution: Jellyfish

Question: Base Of Low Hills Below A Mountain Range
Solution: Foothills

Question: Cafeteria School Chef In The Simpsons
Solution: Lunchlady

Question: Chinese Philosopher Known For Wise Words
Solution: Confucius

Question: Dingos Run Wild In This Countrys Outback
Solution: Australia

Question: Doom The Board Game Is An Game From 2004
Solution: Adventure

Question: Film By Joe Wright Based On A Novel By Ian McEwan
Solution: Atonement

Question: Flaky Twisted French Bread
Solution: Croissant

Question: Flaky Twisted Half Moon Shaped French Pastry
Solution: Croissant

Question: Full Time Buddhist The Homeless One
Solution: Anagarika

Question: Giving A Gentle Nudge Over Forgotten Words
Solution: Prompting

Question: Government Where Power Is Controlled By A Few
Solution: Oligarchy

Question: It Connects The Spinal Cord To The Cerebrum
Solution: Brainstem

Question: Kidnapping
Solution: Abduction

Question: King Prone To Having His Wives Beheaded
Solution: Henry viii

Question: Mantle Hangers Coal Holders
Solution: Stockings

Question: Military Time Traveler From 2036
Solution: John titor

Question: Revolving Platform For A Vinyl Record
Solution: Turntable

Question: Sinatra Gets No Kick From
Solution: Champagne

Question: TV Show About Misfits In Greendale College
Solution: Community

Question: Umbrella Like Device For Jumping Out Of Planes
Solution: Parachute

Question: Very Famous Wrestler Won A Lawsuit Against Gawker
Solution: Hulk hogan

Question: What Every Why Has
Solution: Wherefore

Question: Willing To Consent Or Accept
Solution: Agreeable

Question: Wooden Or Rubber Shape Placed Under Room Openings
Solution: Door wedge

Question: Clown Has A Specific Costume
Solution: Character

Question: In Seattle Radio Talk Show Romantic Comedy
Solution: Sleepless

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