Codycross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Changeling Can Morph Into It Wants
Solution: Anything

Question: Adding Folds To Hair
Solution: Crimping

Question: Ancient Trade Route
Solution: Silk road

Question: Coffee And Cream Italian Dessert
Solution: Tiramisu

Question: Coffee Flavored Italian Dessert
Solution: Tiramisu

Question: Common Submission In MMA Choke
Solution: Triangle

Question: Greek Philosopher Platos Teacher
Solution: Socrates

Question: Hot Wheels Competitor Toy Cars
Solution: Matchbox

Question: It Is No Use The Ship For A Haporth Of Tar
Solution: Spoiling

Question: John One Of The Worlds Best Classical Guitarists
Solution: Williams

Question: Judge On The Voice Christina
Solution: Aguilera

Question: Large Purple Fruit Thats Cooked Aubergine In UK
Solution: Eggplant

Question: Lattice Topped Tart Made With Granny Smiths
Solution: Apple pie

Question: Mammal That Feeds On Ants And Termites
Solution: Anteater

Question: Medical Term For Elbow Or Knee Scrape
Solution: Abrasion

Question: Next To Beside
Solution: Adjacent

Question: Ran Really Fast
Solution: Sprinted

Question: Someone Who Takes The Lives Of Others
Solution: Assassin

Question: Study Of Origins Of Ideas
Solution: Ideogeny

Question: Unspoiled In Mint Condition
Solution: Pristine

Question: Writhed And Fidgeted
Solution: Wriggled

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