Codycross Sports Group 156 Puzzle 1 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: A Response To A Question
Solution: Answer

Question: A Type Of Computer Virus
Solution: Trojan

Question: Academy Winner Who Played Nefertiti Anne
Solution: Baxter

Question: Adding To Injury
Solution: Insult

Question: Americas Got TVs Biggest Talent Show
Solution: Talent

Question: American Old West Folk Character Wild Bill
Solution: Hickok

Question: Apples Generic Communications Device
Solution: Iphone

Question: Bed Used As A Couch By Day
Solution: Daybed

Question: Blossoms Flourishes
Solution: Blooms

Question: Blue Nudibranch Is A Blue And Black Sea Slug
Solution: Sphinx

Question: City Where Singer Camila Cabello Was Born
Solution: Havana

Question: Crisp Tortillas Served With Melted Cheese Salsa
Solution: Nachos

Question: Dofus Is An MMORPG Developed By
Solution: Ankama

Question: Evergreen Tree That Includes The Bay Leaf
Solution: Laurel

Question: Hank Lead Guitar For 60s Band The Shadows
Solution: Marvin

Question: Peeping Tom
Solution: Voyeur

Question: Ra Foremost Egyptian Ruler Of The Gods
Solution: Sun god

Question: Single Inhalation And Exhalation Of Air
Solution: Breath

Question: Standard Or Common Not Unusual Regular
Solution: Normal

Question: The Sixth Planet From The Sun
Solution: Saturn

Question: This City Not Toronto Is Canadas Capital
Solution: Ottawa

Question: To Impact A Stationary Object Not A Collision
Solution: Allide

Question: To Throw A Heavy Lenticular Weight The Throw
Solution: Discus

Question: Upbeat Feeling Good Lion Kings Tune Matata
Solution: Hakuna

Question: Vegetable Also Called Russian Penicillin During WWII
Solution: Garlic

Question: Warehouse Club Store Dropped American Express 2015
Solution: Costco

Question: 8800 1974 Groundbreaking Microcomputer
Solution: Altair

Question: Actors Guild Award Given By Fellow Actors
Solution: Screen

Question: Moon A Japanese Cartoon
Solution: Sailor

Question: Oswalt Nerd Comic King Of Queens
Solution: Patton

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