Codycross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 5 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 1990 Die Hard Game Is Set In Los
Solution: Angeles

Question: A Sport Which Is Part Of The Olympic Events
Solution: Sailing

Question: American Association Of People Aka AARP
Solution: Retired

Question: Dance Marked By Flowing Movements Across The Room
Solution: Foxtrot

Question: Digestive Organ Cows Have Four Of Them
Solution: Stomach

Question: Four Leaf Are Good Luck Symbols
Solution: Clovers

Question: General Pardon For Political Offenses
Solution: Amnesty

Question: India Is The Largest Country In The World
Solution: Seventh

Question: Ornamental Item That Adds Decoration To A Plate
Solution: Garnish

Question: Ornamental Item That Adds Flavor Decoration
Solution: Garnish

Question: Pride In Belonging To A Select Group
Solution: Elitism

Question: Several Pieces Of Artillery Used For Action
Solution: Battery

Question: Shadow Casting Object To Tell The Time
Solution: Sundial

Question: Sympathetic Leader First Pope From Latin America
Solution: Francis

Question: Taking By Force Unfair Loss In Game
Solution: Robbery

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