Codycross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 4 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Aliens The Game Apple II 1988 Video Game
Solution: Computer

Question: Born In The Country Known For The Samurai Culture
Solution: Japanese

Question: Dark Absorbent Fuel Made Of Burning Wood
Solution: Charcoal

Question: Distilled Fruit Brandies Or Herbal Liqueurs
Solution: Schnapps

Question: Explicit Writing Style Of Roman Poems
Solution: Catullus

Question: French Casino Game With Punto Banco Version
Solution: Baccarat

Question: Hummingbirds Are The Among Bird Species
Solution: Smallest

Question: Lightest Pnictogen Common Element Symbol N
Solution: Nitrogen

Question: Medieval Fighting On A Horse With A Lance
Solution: Jousting

Question: Medieval Game Of Chicken
Solution: Jousting

Question: Pitchers Catchers And Shortstops Play
Solution: Baseball

Question: Road In NYC Famous For Its Theatres Industry
Solution: Broadway

Question: Show Known For Being About Nothing
Solution: Seinfeld

Question: Slick Jacket Worn To Repel Water
Solution: Raincoat

Question: Song Recorded By The Beatles
Solution: For no one

Question: Street In NYC Famous For Theatrical Performances
Solution: Broadway

Question: This Countrys Capital Is Kuala Lumpur
Solution: Malaysia

Question: Used For Cooking And Warmth When Outdoors
Solution: Campfire

Question: Worst Case
Solution: Scenario

Question: Cowboy 1969 US Film Oscar For Best Picture
Solution: Midnight

Question: Cowboy 1969 Movie With Hoffman And Voight
Solution: Midnight

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