Codycross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 3 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: 90s Sitcom Theme By The Rembrandts
Solution: Friends

Question: A Species Wiped From Existence
Solution: Extinct

Question: African Country Made Quarterfinals Of 2002 WC
Solution: Senegal

Question: British Curious Mints Come In A Tin
Solution: Altoids

Question: Deals Where Businesses Join
Solution: Mergers

Question: Farsi Is A Language Of This Family
Solution: Persian

Question: He Saved The Ancient Jewish People
Solution: Messiah

Question: Local People
Solution: Natives

Question: Mountain With Highest Elevation Above Sea Level
Solution: Everest

Question: Omega Virus Is A Electronic Game From 1992
Solution: Talking

Question: Penn State Legend Died Amidst Scandal
Solution: Paterno

Question: Saviour Of The Ancient Jewish People
Solution: Messiah

Question: Someone Who Does Not Acknowledge Any God
Solution: Atheist

Question: Star Of The Philadelphia Story Jimmy
Solution: Stewart

Question: Tended King David In Old Age
Solution: Abishag

Question: These May Be Closer Than They Appear In A Mirror
Solution: Objects

Question: Time Times Flux
Solution: Fluence

Question: To Watch Something Closely
Solution: Observe

Question: Venetian Rowing Boat For Romantic Tourists
Solution: Gondola

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