Codycross Sports Group 155 Puzzle 2 Answers

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Codycross Sports Answers

Question: Away From The Wrong Path
Solution: Astray

Question: Busy Rail Terminus Serving Madrid
Solution: Atocha

Question: Chemical Element Commonly Used In Enemas
Solution: Barium

Question: Company Organization Providing Services
Solution: Agency

Question: Critically Endangered Fish Hawk
Solution: Osprey

Question: Dog Most Selected As Best In Show Spaniel
Solution: Cocker

Question: Hash Fried Shredded Potato Breakfast Dish
Solution: Browns

Question: Humans Have One Of These On Each Hand
Solution: Thumbs

Question: Leg Extenders Requiring Supreme Balance
Solution: Stilts

Question: Pick Up Take Turns To Pluck Rods From A Pile
Solution: Sticks

Question: Radical Jumping With Cord Around Your Ankles
Solution: Bungee

Question: Small Object Worn To Protect From Evil Harm
Solution: Amulet

Question: Telescope Launched In 1990 Sends Back Photos
Solution: Hubble

Question: Word That Modifies Verbs Or Clauses
Solution: Adverb

Question: State New Yorks Powerful Nickname
Solution: Empire

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